Topkapı Museum honors past sultan….


Topkapı Museum is hosting an exhibit on Bayezıd II showcasing clothes, armories and accessories of the sultan as well as information on his era
Istanbul’s Topkapı Museum is commemorating Sultan Bayezıd II on the 500th anniversary of his death with a temporary exhibition featuring many accessories and clothes of Bayezıd, chosen from the Topkapı Museum inventory and collection exclusively.

The exhibition will continue until Jan. 28.

“Sultan Bayezıd II was seen as the protector by society. However, his fame has been forgotten as his father, Fatih Sultan Mehmed, and his son Sultan Selim Han-ı Evvel were very famous and successful,” Topkapı Palace Museum manager Haluk Dursun said at the exhibit opening.

Noting that Bayezıd was the oldest son and successor of Mehmed II, ruling as sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1481 to 1512, Dursun said that during his reign, Bayezıd II consolidated the Ottoman Empire and thwarted a Safavid rebellion soon before abdicating his throne to his son Selim I.

Beyoğlu Mayor Ahmet Misbah Demircan spoke about the cultural heritage and history of Beyoğlu and Bayezıd II. Bayezıd also did many things in terms of urbanization and arts, added Dursun.

The artifacts reflect the importance Bayezıd gave urbanization through unique announcements written by Bayezıd. Dursun said the exhibition also included a Bayezıd signature made of gold.

A very exclusive Quran written by the famous calligraphy expert and artist Şeyh Hamdullah is also being exhibited.

The artifact had been preserved in Topkapı’s treasury, said Dursun.

Another important piece in the exhibition is a Kaaba lock, which is a very rare and precious piece. The Kaaba lock is one of the pieces of a group of Kaaba locks and keys. The exhibition will also show royal clothes.



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