Pandeli Restaurant



Pandeli’s cuisine was meant to be identified with the finest oriental gastronomy of the 20th century as its ingenuity was acquiring universal appreciation.
Shimmering Iznik tiles of 17th century in shades of cobalt, azure and aqua overlooking Golden horn, Galata Bridge and Bosporus through the narrow framed windows in front, Byzantine domes with antique ceiling chandeliers..
The Athens’ Pandeli is established at the beginning of 2003 at Kifissia and tightly bounded with Istanbul history. Discrete decoration elements, smells and oriental flavors, utensils and objects, authentic cuisine with respect to the tradition.

Governors and men of letters, politicians, journalists and artists but mostly good eaters is the clientele of Pandeli. The old chef’s grandchildren embrace this particular heritage with love and care and they keep going on this unique way of taste, the Pandeli’s way.

The New York Times Travel Rewiev:

“Pandeli is one of those neighborhood traditions that is known more for its location and longevity than for anything particularly outstanding about the food. Pandeli was opened in 1901 by a Greek of Turkish descent and has become a local institution ever since its arrival on the upper level of the Egyptian Spice Bazaar. It’s a popular place among businessmen on expense accounts as well as for bazaar shoppers looking for a place to eat. If you nab a table in the main room facing the ancient blue Iznik tiles and windows overlooking the bazaar, you can watch the human traffic come and go.”

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Opening Times:

Open for lunch daily, except for Sundays, when bazaar is closed as well

Avr. Price per person:

75 TL – over


Credit Card



Misir Carsisi No. 1 Eminonu


(212) 527 39 09


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